As we got closer to the start of the new year, and new decade, no one imagined that we’re entering into the unforgettable phase of our lives. A particular phase that’ll go down in the history and its events will be remembered for many years to come. Growing up, millennials of this generation have seen the occurrences of the numerous note-worthy events. We have been there when internet became available for the public usage, witnessed the historical 9/11, and experienced the digital reign taking over our naïve lives. But, apart from all of that, while celebrating the new year and making plans for the months ahead, we didn’t think that pandemic existing in Wuhan, China is going to hit hard more than 200 countries all across the continents. Speaking from that perspective, editing and proofreading services present you an article about the general insight that how COVID-19 has changed the world and our lives in a bigger picture. 

Currently more than 200 countries have been hit by the pandemic, the surge is global and rampant. Along with deaths being reported in an exponential rate in many countries, the domestic life, functionalities and global affairs, all have been colossally affected. The economies of many countries are scarred, and according to the finance experts, it’ll take considerate amount of time to get back on the pre-pandemic stability again. This actively illustrates that, numerous functional industries such as tourism and travel, restaurants and hotels, small businesses were hit hard amid the pandemic surge; which eventually led to their utter operations shuttered down causing millions to go unemployed. Human race is battling against the lethal effects of the infectious disease along with enduring the nerve racking circumstances. Amid vulnerability against the disease, unemployment and feeling dejected about the helplessness in a situation, we are indeed going through the difficult times of our lives. It has changed the world in so many diverse ways that it requires a decent amount of time to contemplate and to study the factors involved. Let’s look into some of the details as how the pandemic has shaped the world in the year 2020.

1. Vulnerability Against The Natural Calamities

It has been also proven in the past that countries, regions and people are vulnerable to the unprecedent situation and unforeseen which we call future. It is a separate discussion that how much we can lessen the forthcoming damage by getting prepared ‘before the time of occurrence’. But it is an undeniable fact, that people are always at the receiving end of inevitable impact of natural calamities. The surge of coronavirus pandemic called for national and global emergencies alarming the departments and higher personnel. But despite of many action plans launched in response to the pandemic, strategic implementations and regulations, millions of people sadly lost their lives to the disease. That marks the fact that we are always unaware what the future actually has in store for us; and affects can be dangerously lethal even if we are prepared.

2. Shift Towards Remote Working

As this has been the part of countless creative discussions about what’s the future of the work we do, what it’d be actually like? According to the editing and proofreading services UK, this is the insight to future which has been talked about to previously. The pandemic caused the colossal shift towards the remote working, completely transforming our ‘in-house’, conventional method of working. The ‘work from home’ is the new normal, and indeed it is here to stay. The transformational shift caused the peak drop in the real estate businesses and workplace rents; as many functional niches have been abandoning the workplaces for permanent basis until they decide next move or permanently settle for remote working.

This also actively illustrates that many employees in countries experienced the novel practices of the remote working for the first time in their careers, albeit they are not amateurs. Work experts and analysts are suggesting this might be the initiation of the remote working revolution that has been anticipated for many years. Within a span of few months, functional sectors all over the world shifted towards ‘work from home’, which was quite unimaginable a year before.

3. Smart Education; Future Is Here?

With educational institution being closed down until further notices in a number of countries, students have been maintaining the continuity of their education through online classes. School goers, grad and undergrad students are experiencing the systematic smart education through online platforms and are adapting to it significantly. Online editing and proofreading reports that in many countries, government, academic staff and technical teams collaborated to make the smart education accessible and pursuable for teaching faculty and the students.  

Despite of issues resurfacing, such as communication gap, difference of time zones, lack of assistance and group of students disapproving the whole idea, the smart education could be termed as the way to future education. It has been said various times previously as well, with technology and gadgets taking over human lives, the normality of future is quite different from what we call normality today. It’ll shape our entire living in a different light and methodology. The glimpse of it we have witnessed through the pandemic causing the great shift towards online classes and remote working collectively.

4. The Boom Of Ecommerce And Online Platforms

Amid economies falling down, industries shuttered close and millions going jobless and homeless unable to pay rent; there’s a sector where revenue has been skyrocketing since the pandemic surge. Proofreading services online studied that ecommerce websites, online retailers, streaming platforms and communication apps have experienced their sales and revenue to reach new records amid lockdown and the situations related.

Amazon. The global eminent brand and the largest online retailer platform have gained the groundbreaking success in sales and revenue in the past few months. The list also contains other ecommerce websites, streaming platform Netflix, the communication apps such as Slack, Zoom, Google Classroom and more. In addition to these stated facts, it can be stated that the critical times of the pandemic surge turned out to be the perfect business booming opportunity for these sectors, and they’re most likely to ascend in the ongoing progress till the end of the year.

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