• The privacy of all our customers is very important to us and we operate by some very strict operating principles and this privacy policy operates as a part of our terms of use.
  • When any user visits our site, our server automatically collects basic information about the pages requested by their IP address. The server’s logs are frequently used for maintenance and diagnostic purposes on our website. These logs produce statistical analysis and data that we use to monitor the traffic on our important services.
  • The web browser you are using may accept a session cookie that can allow the browser to better associate requests put up by your server and distinguish them from other visitors’ requests on our website. When you use our Site's search page, the search terms you requested and the top results displayed may be remembered to monitor and improve the accuracy of the search results that the search page provides. This information is not used by us for other purposes.
  • Your personal information and contact information provided to us is used to respond to any queries made to us. If your inquiry is about an order you have already placed, your inquiry will be correlated with the information regarding that order. The information may be used to improve our customer service procedures on our website.
  • While placing or picking up an order with our website, you may choose to connect to your accounts on third-party services to transfer files. We use an open standard for access delegation, to do this so that we do not store any information about your account with the third-party service.
  • We do not share any personal information or documents provided to us with any third party applications or websites. However, we may need to disclose personal information in case of any legal proceedings. In case of payment frauds, we may voluntarily disclose personal information to competent authorities.